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My setup: WinNT4, WR7 w/ WebTest, IE5.5, Virus shield disabled.

I know IE 5.5 issues are not new, but I thought most people found
work-arounds for problems encountered.
I have not encountered these problems with IE 5.01 at all.

WR seems to get lost in the GUI map. Our app uses frames and one little
frame always appears in the bottom left corner of the browser. A test will
be cruising along fine when suddenly WR says it can't find any objects in
this little frame. I open the gui map editor and click on the window(frame)
in the map. The entire browser is highlighted instead of just the little
frame in the bottom left corner! If I click objects in the guimap that are
found in this little frame, they are found correctly, but WR can't perform
any actions on them without errors.

I have tried numerous things - disabling virus shield, re-installing WR,
ie_hooks=0, and deleting Browser Helper Objects from the registry. No luck
so far. I thought there was an idea about settting "my_executable=yes" in
wrun.ini, but I can't remember what it was. Any one else remember this one?
Other ideas anyone? Your help is greatly appreciated.

If I can't get this to work, I just may have to go back to IE 5.01 for good.


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