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talking about TD 6.x -- you can´t. I consider this a feature many of us
wish. (I don´t know TD 7.)

The closest result you can get is to define the default value as a column
default in the database, perhaps by creating an insert trigger that puts in
the default if the field is empty. Then, all new rows will get the default
in that column.

However, since TD does know nothing about this, it won´t show what has been
REALLY inserted into the db until you refresh the view with F5.

But it really is a bad thing to customize default field values on the SQL
layer while all other field customizations are done on the app layer (with
TD being the app). Rather hard to document and maintain. So this is just a



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hello everybody,

Can we set a default value for an User-definied field in TestDirector? For
example, I have a user-defined field, which is a dropdown list box, and has
four Test phases listed.
I would like to have "User Acceptance Test" phase as the Default value.

Thanks and regards,

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