i am using winrunner for the first time. now i have to work in winrunner for web testing. after going thru the documents,i just have an idea to record the testing and making it as parametrized (that is input taken from excel sheet).
but i dont know how to proceed with writing test scripts of my own. in my company they have alloted me the work of testing.
It contains
1. writing a script thata aoutomatically select all the file in a particular folder in my system and then sort the file according to the size.
2. Once the file list has been sorted, from the maximum size file, it has to uploaded in the file upload module of our web application.
3. a particular text field is there which should not accept some special characters and it should not accept more than 10 characters.

i am in a very critical situation to handle all these problems.
can anyone pleasae help me immediately.
Thanks in advance