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The AUT is an application developed in Delphi 5.

The test object is the menubar.

The problem is that WinRunner is not identifying menu titles or menu items
as text but as "items"
When I create a script to merely select a menu item this is what I get..
set_window (<window name, timeout);
menu_select_item ("item_0;item_0_1");
With the previous version of the application this second step would appear
like this.
menu_select_item("File";"New Return...Ctrl-N");
After discussing this with the senior developer, it seems that this is the
result of a feature in Delphi and how "action lists" are created.
The "feature" seems to be an easy way to link code for an action such as
creating a new file to a menu item and a toolbar icon and a hyperlink.
The developer completes the code to perform a specific action then indicates
this should be executed from a specific menu item and a toolbar icon and a
web page hyperlink and Delphi does the work of linking the action to the
interface at compile time.
WinRunner no longer identifies the menu title such as "File" or "Edit" or
"Help" nor does it recognize menu items such as "Save" or "Save As".
I am interested in knowing if others have experienced this and whether or
not there is a way for WinRunner to identify the actual menu title and menu
item as before.
FWIW, Mercury Tech Support is looking into it but I have not received any

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