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There are a couple of ways to address this. You can check the state
of the "button", for example, the following script snippet checks to
see if the [Save] button, which is the 1st button on the toolbar,
therefore WR uses position #0, is enabled:
toolbar_get_button_info("ToolbarWindow32","#0",ENA BLED,saveValueEnable
if (saveValueEnabled!=TRUE)
tl_step("Button SAVE - SSN="&SSN, FAIL, "SAVE button not
enabled" );
do something...;

Another approach, or you can use in combination with the above, is
used when the ToolBar represents short cuts to other actions, for
example, the [Save} "button" mentioned above is a short cut for
for the button to NOT be enabled. In our application once the
application is saved, the button is not enabled.
menu_select_item ("File;Save <Enter>");

## Wait for Save to take effect - when [SAVE] is not
rc = menu_wait_info("File;Save <Enter>","enabled","0",20);
if (rc != 0)
do something yadda, yadda,...;

Of course in both of the above examples, you can reverse the
conditions if that works in your environment. Hope this helps, joan