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Hehehehe... :-)

This is not exactly what I wanted but I'll consider if things worsen.
I got Netscape to work with the application now. It was matter of
specifying the port ... nobody told us before ... grrrrr !

I also got the add-in to work, however it cannot see all objects in
IE5.5 (I guess MS-IE JVM just refuses to work with our code... :-)

I reinstalled WinRunner but this time I checked that box to "seek"
for updates in Mercury Web Site and it did find an update for
the WebTest Add-In.
Then I installed the Java Add-In and things became better.

I'm seeing now a weird behavior : sometimes when the script launches
the application it cannot find anything inside the frames but then,
if I click the button in the browser, "Refresh" window, WinRunner
starts to see the objects. Any clues ???
If no solution I guess I can just 2 more lines in the code to
press that darn button.



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functions when i recorded.
automatically ?