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I faced the same problem on my machine, last week...

I used to get those wierd looking coordinates and win_type functions when i

It was solved, by removing IE5.5 and switching to IE 5.0
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From: "Alex De Lara" <>
Subject: [winrunner] WebTest is a separate add-in ?
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 18:21:39 -0000


I'm in need to test an application only accessible through
a WebBrowser so I thought WinRunner would help since it worked
well with other apps.
I came to this point where the GUI spy cannot see a thing
inside the frames the browser displays when connecting to
our application. (the server)

WinRunner can see some objects when I use netscape but none
when I switch to IE. (Netscape 4.77 / IE 5.5 )
This is not good either since not detecting some objects is
bad too.

My specific questions (if you are kind to answer):
1)When installing WinRunner, does it installs WebTest automatically ?
I mean, from our previous experience we had to buy the Java
Add-In too in order to enable the test of some standalone
applications so I'm wondering if WebTest add-in is
a different thing that we need to buy too. :-(

2)If this add-in is automatically installed (seems to me it was),
then when that small window poped asking to
"select the add-ins you want to load" all I have to do
is make sure the WebTest is checked to be loaded, right ?

3)WinRunner is recording this stuff, what definitely is not "what we
want"... you know what I mean.

win_mouse_click ("html_frame", 346, 218);
win_type ("html_frame","adsfad");
win_mouse_click ("html_frame", 321, 265);
win_type ("html_frame","asdf");
win_mouse_click ("html_frame", 362, 292);

a) WinRunner was the last thing I installed. (the browsers were first)
b) I'm launching WinRunner before any browser;
c) I'm invoking the Browser from inside WinRunner.
Still cannot act on buttons and edit fields inside those darn frames.


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