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While recording a script in a web based scheduling app,WinRunner fails to
record actions performed on HTML controls in a modal dialog window that is
invoked from the main application. All actions performed in the main
browser window are recorded accurately (including the mouse click on the
hyperlink that activates the modal dialog window). When I click on the
title bar of the modal window, the following is recorded into my script:

win_activate ("Calendar -- Web Page Dialog_1");

but none of the subsequent actions in the modal dialog window are recorded.

The modal window contains 3 HTML pull-down menus, an HTML table, and a close
button. Also, when the modal window is invoked it does not appear in the
Windows task bar.

Any ideas?

Dan McKenzie

Daniel McKenzie

QA Automation Engineer
Client Service Technology - Princeton
phone: 609.520.2086
fax: 609.520.2413

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