Dear friends,

Thanx for the prompt response.

I am currently on testing java applets.

I would like to know why the Java GUI Map
configuration is not identifyying class objects. When
I hit the mark object button, and highlight the
required object, it does not capture that object,
instead it remains blinking and does not come out of
it. I have to close winrunner to come out of it.

secondly, Java and web add-in are not able to
combindedly recognising AWT object, it refers to it as
an object , logical name (VSPSImagebutton) with an
index, I am not able to class map the same.

thirdly, How do I class map and read the content of a
tree (VSPStree)

fourthly, Do winrunner has a mechanism to test on

hoping to listening from you at the earliest.

thanking you,