User Rahul T ( posted:

Hi all,
I face a peculiar problem, related to object recognition, during Web

1. On Win98, IE 5.0, WR recognises all html objects correctly. i.e.
text field as html_edit etc.

2. On WinNT with IE 5.5 WR goes bonkers, function generator does not
recognise any html object in the JSP page except for the first text field on
the top left corner of the page. Worse it recognises that as an html_frame.
Worse still, during recording, my script is full of crap like

Now I have installed WR on both machines chosing the same options i.e.
web-test add-in.

I can't use WinNT machines, for scripting or running.

Has someone else faced a similar problem ? And could someone guide me to a
solution please?

Thank you in advance,

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