I would like to branch to two conditions based on whether some text occurs in the current webpage. I would also like to have a equivalent number of passes or fails for each testcase run. I am bothered that the web_frame_text_exists function seems to log a "Pass/Fail" message in the log whenever I use it in my conditional to determine whether or not the web page contains the text.

Take a look at the code...

# If menu item is already expanded return!
if (web_frame_text_exists(Frame1, childlink) == E_OK) {
return E_OK;

# Else click link
web_link_click (parentlink);
if (rc = web_frame_text_exists(Frame1, childlink)) {
return rc;


One path through my code creates 1 fail and 1 pass, and the other condition creates 1 pass. Is there another function to check the value of an object without logging pass/fail? Or without throwing a GUI Map mismatch error?