I have developed the WR 8.0 Scripts (framework)almost 4 years back and able to execute successfully with IE 6.0 on XP SP2 for multiple WEB applications environment.
Almost 6 months back, deployed the IE 7.0 browser and had some issue with the WR 8.0 scripts to identify the drop down menu objects, it was a quick fix and WR 8.0 scripts ran fine with IE 7.0 and XP SP2.
Recently company deployed the VISTA (64 bit) hence we need to upgrade WR 8.0 scripts to 9.2 and we have IE 7.0 browser. Test execution identified the performance issues. The same test taking so much time to identify the objects and running too slow.

I will appreciate, if you please provide any solution for the performance issue.

I tried to configure WR 9. exe file (Right click on WR exe file then select properties > Compatibility)to Run WR 9.2 in compatibility mode for XP SP2. Selected all checkboxes and run the WR scripts.
I did not get any improvement.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions, appreciated.