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split(), match() and index() work with separators like "\r\n". They just
don't work if you run it the way we have. I think it has something to do
with the fact that we retrieve the strings from a file that is passed as a
parameter to our custom function. I think this is a limitation or bug with
the WinRunner functions when dealing with substrings that are referenced
indirectly. I use "\r\n" as a separator with the split() function in at
least 10 other places and it works fine. It's this one situation where we
are retrieving our strings from a file which is passed to our custom
function as a parameter. Within the custom function, we go through each
line within the file and store each file line to an array which is parsed
with substr() and then we use split on the parsed file. I have quite a bit
of experience with the split() function and this is the only time it doesn't