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I need to use split() with the following string and separator...

line = "This is a \r\n an example of a \r\n string with exactly \r\n four
instances of the \r\n linefeed and newline characters.";
count = split(line,array,"\r\n");

...the above does not work properly """IF""" you place it within a custom
function. When the above is placed within a custom function, any instances
of "\r\n" will not be found. If I use either "\r" or "\n", it will not work
as well. If I use "\\r" or "\\n" it will split every occurance of the
letter(s) "r" and "n" rather than the linefeed and newline characters. How
do I get this working?

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count =</FONT> <FONT COLOR="#0000F0" SIZE=2 FACE="Courier New">split</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=2 FACE="Courier New">(line,array,</FONT><FONT COLOR="#008000" SIZE=2 FACE="Courier New">&quot;\r\n&quot;</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=2 FACE="Courier New">);</FONT>
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