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    Broken links -WinRunner

    Facing a problem in WinRunner WebTest regarding putting checkpoint for a text link.
    When I go for adding a checkpoint for a "BrokenLink" property, it gives me "NotValid" as the expected value for a working link (which should be "Valid" according to the WinRunner guide). Upon executing the script, I get the actual value as "Valid" which mismatches with the exp value and the checkpoint fails for a working link.


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    Re: Broken links -WinRunner

    If the checkpoint is giving you an incorrect value when you are creating it, you might want to take a look at the 'web_link_valid' function (part of WebTest).

    It will allow you insert the expected value (correctly) - check out this code snippet example from WR Help.

    #Check the link named “WinRunner”
    rc=web_link_valid ("WinRunner", valid);
    if (valid == TRUE)
    report_msg (" Link name is valid.");
    report_msg (" Link name is not valid.");





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