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Thread: CPS review

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    CPS review

    I just finished my CPS TestSuite Exam. I have reviewed my answers and scribed them back to my test pamphlet. I was wondering if anyone could suggest or comment on how they reviewed their test results before submission back to mercury.

    I am not looking for specific test answers and I hope this question is acceptable to post.

    Thank You,

    John K

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    Re: CPS review

    User (sankararaman.s@polaris.co.in) posted:

    Hi All,
    Is there anyone who has completed the Certified Product Specialist
    (CPS ) exam ? If yes, can you pls guide me on how to prepare for the exam
    and can you mail me the scope of the exam ?
    Is test director part of the Testsuite exam ? or is it possible to
    write the test on Winrunner alone ?? the Mercury interactive's web site is
    not very clear.





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