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I am using Winrunner 7 to test an IE 5.5 application. We are using IE
Behaviors(ViewLink & Element). Behaviors were introduced to IE in 5.0 but
in 5.5 the implementation drastically changed. With Winrunner 7.0 I can't
see anything, none of my objects in the browser, just a couple of frames. I
keep asking Mercury but well, everybody knows how that goes. Yes I used the
GUI spy, it didn't see anything either, I'm pretty much stumped especially
since even the best scripter here where I work had no suggestions. The
following is just a slight explanation of IE behaviors:

When applied to a standard HTML element on a page, a behavior enhances that
element's default behavior. For example, a behavior can be created that
toggles the display
element's children on a mouse click. When this behavior is applied to a
standard UL </workshop/author/dhtml/reference/objects/UL.asp> element on a
page, it enhances the unordered list's default behavior to expand and
collapse when clicked. Similarly, another behavior can incrementally set the
position of the element from a start point to an end point on the screen. If
this behavior is applied to an IMG
otherwise statically positioned image to fly across the screen.
As encapsulated components, behaviors provide easy separation of script from
content. This not only makes it easy to reuse code across multiple pages,
but also contributes to the improved manageability of the page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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