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I have a situation where I am not able to retrieve the last custom function
being used before an exception handler is invoked. I use the following
inside my exception handler function....

call_chain_get_attr("function",call_chain_get_dept h()-2,callname);

...the callname variable should contain the function name of the function
being executed before the exception is triggered. However, I only retrieve
the name of the exception handler function. Changing the 2nd parameter of
call_chain_get_attr() to 0,1,2,3,4,etc. does not change anything. When I
use the above code in a non-exception handler function, it works fine. So,
the problem only happens if I run the above code in an exception handler
function. How do I retrieve the function name of the last function being
run before an exception is invoked?

NOTE: I do not want to use a global variable to set the name of the running
function and then use that global variable because it would force me to do
this for all 300+ of my custom functions.

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