User Karen Yudnich ( posted:

I was on the official Mercury WR sight the other day and reading a
post regarding questions to ask perspective WinRunner automators in
an interview. It was a very informative thread. That was at 9:30.
Then at 10:30 I was laid off. :-/ I had been in charge of
implementing keyword-scripting and had created a non application
specific harness, documented it thoroughly, and taught others how to
use the process. It was an awesome implementation. The company had
to make difficult decisions and test automation is not cheap.
Unfortunately for me (may be maybe not), I was the one laid off. Oh
well. My skills will carry me foreword. My suggestion to every one is
to learn all you can while you can because you may be next. If anyone
knows of any job openings in the North Metro Denver area, please let
me know. Thanks!
Karen Yudnich