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Hai All,

This is Vimal , QA Engg,

Prior to this, i have worked on SILK in healtheon | WebMD.
Right now i am working on Win Runner , my job is to automate the
web applications.

I could able to do any thing in SILK like dynamic recording and
checking the objects.

Win Runner : 6.02
Browsers : IE 5.0

My question here is , how to dynamically record the web page.

Assume that idont have any gui for this, i have opened the page by
Here , i should record or rather learn the page at runtime or
put my username in USERNAME text field
put my password in PASSWORD text filed
and click "login" button.

How can i do that ? can any one tell the code plz..
i would be very thank ful to them...

It was 1 week back i have been alloted to do automation suite on WR.
Almost i have done so many generic functions.. but dynamic recording
i could not able to get.

Please any one from the list, try to help me.

Help will be always appreciated.

Thanking you