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HI Everyone,

I am new to WinRunner, but I have used Rational Robot extensively and I seem
to be having trouble figuring out a few things that may be related to the
gui map. (I have tried to search the archives, but can't seem to find an

Here it goes.

I am writing a function to accomplish the adding of a variety of users. I
have the following line to check that the user was added correctly:

rc = web_frame_text_exists("Test System - Users","The transaction was
successfully completed","Off","Edit")

if ( rc != E_OK ) {
#return error code and reset test

My problem is that if there is any sort of problem and the user doesn't get
added correctly, I am not placed on the "Test System -Users" page. When
this happens the WinnRunner "RunWizard" comes up and says it can't find the

How do I trap that error in order to put in some error code to continue on?
I have just read the info on handling unexpected Events and errors and it
can't seem to understand on how to write the code to catch this Winnrunner

Thanks for anyone's help.


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