We are currently developing an application in VB/SQL. In that we have tool bar with multiple objects. Something like IE with multiple objects.

Here in our case we have a toolbar with objects like "New","Find", "View", "Save"...etc. When i record the test for new option WR learns the objects as msvb_lib_toolbar_1.( I have mapped our toolbar with toolbarwindow32 using GUI map configuration and i have tried to use all sorts of tool bar related function) Then when i try to save the record with "save" button WR learns it differently like msvb_lib_toolbar_2. It goes on like this for all n number of objects in the toolbar.

When i try to use toolbar related function it gives the following error "object is not appropriate for this widget class"

Then i tried for object related fuction but it does not give the result i have expected because it learns the toolbar as a single object and it gives the result as pass for all buttons whether it is enabled or disabled.

Pl. do the needful.

I have already posted this in discussion forum. This is for others those who are not browsed my previous queries and replies.