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Hi to All,
I'm new to WinRunner, the automated software testing world, and this

I'm presently studying towards an AS degree in programming and my boss
offered me an opportunity to learn WR. Since I have no experience in
programming (except for what I've learned in school), I decided to
take advantage of this opportunity. I was given a couple of Mercury
WinRunner-Student Workbooks to practice with, a WR user's guide, a few
hours of OTJ training, and software to test and script.

I have many questions on WR, but first I'd like to know if there's any
other reading material I should get my hands on. I have been working
with WR by recording, running the scripts, and debugging. Though I've
being told that the budget is tight (so what else is new), on 4/6, I'm
scheduled to attend a seminar entitled: Software Test Automation and
Scripting Techniques.

Thanks to a co-worker, I was referred to this site for info. I look
forward to absorbing and learning from your input. Any suggestions
you may have on learning this software would be helpful and greatly
Many thanks - Judy Ramos