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make sure that you also copy the guis (which are the expected results) file as well to the exp/<test name> folder.

NetJuice Consulting wrote:

That fixed most of the problem...I still got the message
'Error: Cannot open file 'C:\Winrunner\Main\chklst\list4.ckl'. Cannot
read file' afterwards.

So...I copied the 'ckl' files from the original folder to under
main\chklst and that got rid of the message.

Am I missing something here? I can understand running in update mode
to fix a problem but it looks like Winrunner only solved 80% of the
initial problem.


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verify mode. The reason it is not finding your checklist files is
because it is looking for it in the exp directory under the main
script but the checklists are still in the exp under the call script
directory. Running in update mode will move the checklists to the
correct folder.