User Robert Lauzon ( posted:
I have the exact same problem !!!

When I check image links, the source URL is something like

When I check a different build on a different machine, it's

and fails every time. I just need the "/images/imageName.gif" part.

If I could just insert regular expressions in my GUI checkpoints, it would
solve a lot of headaches on my part!

I would appreciate seeing any solution to this.


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Subject: [winrunner] Re: How do I put a Reg.Exp. in expected results of ch
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:11:28 -0000

That did not solve my problem. I do appreciate the answer anyway.

I did as suggested and in the GUI Checkpoint Results popup I did as
suggested. I reran my tests and it flagged an error.

Thinking further with this I don't think a solution will work long
term because as soon as I run in update mode my modified 'expected
results' will get overridden.

The reason for wanting this is that I want to be able to regression
test the app on different web servers. All the links still have to
work but they will have different url's because the server domain
name will be different.

Has anyone else solved this issue?


--- In winrunner@y..., Richard Weber <rweber@h...> wrote:
> A reg expression has the exclamation (!) at the beginning of the
> like this:
> "! <http://.*/gothere.asp> http://.*/gothere.asp"
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> Subject: [winrunner] How do I put a Reg.Exp. in expected results of
> checklists?
> I want to make server variable on web links. The expected result is
> static, ie,
> <> in gui checklist
> I want it to work like http://!.*/gothere.asp
> I cannot get this to work. Is there a way?
> tia...Paul
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