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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Adnan Akhtar, Live in Pakistan, I am male, 21 years age.
Well I am student of web programming, and interested to work as a
Quality Assurance. I am not very rich to purchase books or some other
material or attend online classes. If you help me I am very thankful
to you for this act of Kindness.

Will u help me about these questions? I need examples, formats,
Please help me ...

1) Quality Assurance Standards?
2) How should I prepare reports on bugs and work which I found in
3) Formats of test plans
4) Formats of test cases
5) Formats of reporting

With best regards,
Looking forward to you.

Mailing address:
Adnan Akhtar
House # G-154, Chooi Road,
Attock City Pakistan

ICQ # 111317900
I also use msn messenger at address and some
time yahoo's too.