User Ben Rogers ( posted:

Is there any way to get WinRunner to recognize random keyboard events
while the script is running? For example, using Ctrl-P to pause the
script at any point while it is running.

I'm evaluating several products, including WinRunner and QARun. In
QARun I was able to place a "whenever" statement at the beginning of
the code that would trigger a pause function whenever the key
combination "Ctrl-P" was entered while running the script. The pause
function contained a "wait" statement that waited for "Ctrl-P" to be
entered again, at which point the script continued running.

The reason I'm doing it this way is that I want the script to be
paused at a random point determined by the tester who is running the
script (i.e. not a pause statement hard coded after a certain
function) and I want the window that is undergoing the test to keep
focus and not switch to the WinRunner window, thereby hiding the test