User Amjad Alhait ( posted:

Dear WinRunner users:

I wanted to direct your attention to a site which has been online for
about 3 years now! I'm sure you've noticed some posts
that come from our site. We've had the feature to post
to this list and many others out there for a long time

We've had a WinRunner forum for over 2 years now with
substantial information there as well. The forum has
many features (including posting to this list,
searching, file attachments and even posting to news

I wanted to tell you that we've finally managed to
integrate this email list with our site to create a
2nd archive of information. I'm sure you'll like what
we've developed. If you have issues with this, please
feel free to email me personally to discuss them. Also
if you have suggestions, I've been adding features to
satisfy all needs.

Currently the forum posts messages of users who are
not registered on our forums as "WinRunner List". If
you are registered on the forums site though and you
post here or there, your registered username will

We have hundreds if not thousands of WinRunner users
registered on Please note that
registration is free and the site is only designed to
be a helpful support-line and enable the sharing of

I've been pushing this site forward for about 3 years
now and my only pay-back is to see everyone who needs
help helped. I have to say it was the 1st site of it's
kind dedicated to QA discussion only on the web.

PS Mercury Interactive is our partner and our sponsor.

Thank you for your support.

AJ Alhait