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For block commenting, do what I do:

commented out code

1 will never be equal to 0

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I know it doesn't work, I'm just bitching about annoying things in WR 7.0.
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How are you trying to block the comments out? If you are trying to
use the /* and */ as in C - this still won't work, but you are able
to comment a block out. If you look into the Cutomize Toolbar - you
will see some new buttons available to you:


To use these - add them to your custom toolbar and select a block of
code in the script window - then clcik on the desired action.
Clicking on the comment will add the "#" character to the beginning
of each line - the uncomment will remove it. If you are doing a
single line, you don't need to hightlight the line, just have the
cursor in the line when you click the button.

The same applies with the indent/unindent buttons.

Bacically sounds like a mis-interpretation of the function.
WinRunner can comment out a block of code, but doesn't do block


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> I didn't know WR 7.0 was supposed to add block commenting. Any
word on when
> this new feature will actually work?
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> You think that's bad. Now when you press F3 to "Search Again" if the
> previously found text is not highlighted it will find nothing. Also
if you
> use 'C' style block comments, it will change the color of the code
but will
> not actually comment the code.
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