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You should, perhaps, post this question to the LoadRunner group not the
WinRunner group.

Subject: [winrunner] ULTRA HELP - LR X Win2k
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 12:17:40 -0000

Hello Folks,

I have an old problem. My LoadRunner VuGen 6.5 don't work under
win2k. My machine is standalone, and has a dual boot Win2k and Win98.
I installed mercuryWebTours, but before a I put Server Kimati and
ActivePerl under Win98 too.
I had a second problem: my modem don't work under win2k. Only works
under win98.
But the main problem is that I believe my LR VuGen don't recognize
Web objetcs, because the server/proxy configuration.
Under win2k, If I put my IE 5.0 with any dial up connection and I try
to record anything my LR don't record any events. ... But If there
are no dial-up connections (I delete all inside IE) and I put the
browser to recognize automatic configuration, my browser (I put
mercuryWebTours as first home when I open the browser)
opens "offline" and It's necessary to click on button "try again" in
pop-up window that appears to open mercuryWebTours page. In this last
option(offline) LR VuGen recognize the page mercuryWebTours when I
click in pop-window, but after this LR recognize nothing more.

I believe that is proxy / dial up configuration. Anyone may give a
hand with proxy/configuration and Vugen... Please people...

Thanks for any help.