All glories to all the QA warriors!
Being a newbie doesn't help but I am counting
on the boundless mercy of the forum to get
Having started the Winrunner 6.0 workbook,
I am stuck at chapter 6-37:

Excercise A:Create a Backup Copy of the
1.Invoke windows Explorer.
Right-click on the Windows start button.
select"Explore" from the pop-up menu.The
The Windows Explorer opens.
(i did all the above...)

2. Find the database file.
Navigate to the "flight32.mdb" file.
(i did that too...)

3. Create a copy of the database file.
Right-click the file "flight32.mdb".
Select copy from the pop-up menu.
Right-click on the right pane of the Windows
Select New>Folder from the pop-up menu.
Name the new folder 'refresh'.
Double-click on the new folder.
Right-click in the right pane.
Select Paste from the pop-up menu.A copy of the "flight32.mdb" file appears in the 'refresh' directory.
(till here i was o.k.....)
Exercise B :Create database Checkpoints
1.Invoke Winrunner.
2.Invoke the Flight 1A application and log in.
3.Start a new test in the Winrunner window.
4.Begin recording.

5.Invoke the Database Checkpoint Wizard.
Select Create>Database Checkpoint>Custom Check in the Winrunner window.
Confirm "ODBC" is selected from the 'Connect to database' using drop down list.
Confirm that the 'Create new query' radio button is selected.
Click the 'Finish' button.
(after this step all hell breaks loose,
a message pops up saying 'check the database message box'.
I installed the workbook from a CD,do I have to install the database separately?
If so from where?)
Please advise,