Because I like betasoft so much I would like to ask our community something important. I would like us all to work hard on creating descriptive Topics on our posts that really pin down the issues at hand.

This is not an arbitrary request on my part.
Often I see some really great responses to things like:
"help me"
"dead window"
"can someone explan .."
"new to WinRunner"
"clueless and stranded"
" Mommy!"
etc ..

The thing is the answers can be great, but the topic is lost as soon as the last answer is shot off! How are we to know that the Topic "Mommy" answered an important subject like Java Classpath obfuscation .. or a faster search algorithm for arrays??

Thats unfortunate because if the Topic was better we could all search this site. I think that would be great. I realize that the search algorithms are more sophisticated that just a Topic search .. but this leads to a large return list where a descriptive Topic would really help!

I also would appreciate Moderator's changing Topics older than say a month to conform to some type of rational search criteria (only if the topic is very obscure like above).

BTW for all I know betasoft may already do that. Anyway now it's time for everyone to discuss this .. I welcome a spirited debate as always! Also realize that I honestly believe about 75% of the members here already do this ( I am trying to bring that up)

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