I have a very peculiar problem.We are automating Tests for a Data Mining Tool.
There is a sub menu item 'save' used as
("Data; Save Ctrl+S"),being selected in the script,the action is to invoke save dialog.

The same expression is in the Gui map and if you record the action this very expression is used by tool.

Now the problem is ,when you run the test
this line of code actually invokes the exit
menu item, and Save changes Alert.
But if you Step into (F6) then the code invokes the correct 'Save dialog'.
What is the reason? I have checked the GUI map,tried giving wait(), Set window statement is also OK. I could do a work around by selecting the menu item by index , it worked. But I still need to why the 'Save' menu item is treated as 'exit.'

Similar thing happens for a ("Data;Open") menu item where instead of open dialog , a Print dialog is invoked.

Any light on these strange behaviours?

Ravi Bikkannavar.