I am trying to get the selected list item from my list object. It is a standard SysTreeView32 list object. The problem is, our list hierarchy is very deep and the TSL list functions have a parameter limitation where they will return only up to the 512th character of the returned list info. However, our list item may be in a list hierarchy with up to about 1250 characters so I cannot extract the last list item from the returned list item info we are trying to retrieve.

eg. list_get_selected("SysTreeView32",listitem,listnum );

The problem is that the listitem string will include only up to the 512th character and ignore everything else. Therefore, I can't retrieve list item names beyond this 512th byte limitation. I've been told by WinRunner support that the list functions directly access the MS Windows functions so it's a limitation of the Windows functions. I don't buy this because otherwise Microsoft wouldn't be able to access large list hierarchies that exist in Windows GUI applications like ours. Does anybody have a solution to this?