The behavior described in the posting was observed using WinRunner 6.00 and 6.02, and TestDirector 6.01.

Each test has a unique "header" file, created and maintained in the same directory as the test. This file contains the information presented in the Test Properties dialog, which is selected using the File:TestProperties… menu item. If you develop compiled modules you are familiar with the Test Properties dialog as this is where you define the file as a compiled module [using the Test Type: drop down list on the General tab].

But the Test Properties header file also contains one other important setting which subtly effects TestDirector’s integration with WinRunner: the Add-Ins setting, defined on the Add-Ins tab in the Test Properties dialog. The Add-Ins setting [which is defined by the ADDONS= variable in the header file] tells TestDirector how to start up WinRunner with the correct add-ins enabled to ensure that the test executes properly. This characteristic and setting can cause unexpected behavior described in the attached PDF file.

-fyi, Terry Horwath


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