Please note that specifying a non-existant Startup test
in WinRunner 6.00 or 6.02 causes no error message or
error dialog during startup.

The Startup test is defined on the Settings:General Options...
Environment tab, Startup Test: text field. [This setting
is also stored in wrun.ini using the XR_TSL_INIT= setting].

You can tell, with a rather high degree of probability, that
WinRunner executed the startup test by selecting the
File->Open... menu item right after WinRunner starts up--if
it opens to the folder containing your startup test [if it
does not execute a valid startup test the folder opened will
be a WinRunner program folder of some sort].

I therefore recommended:

1. Use the "browser to" button when selecting a new startup
test in the Settings->General Options... dialog; and

2. Confirm that the expected parent folder of the startup
test is presented using the File->Open... dialog after
WinRunner starts up.

I have logged a trouble report with Mercury on this issue.