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    How can I evaluate WinRunner

    I've contacted sales and gotten no responce?

    Anybody else knows of a faster way to do this? Any Channel Sales people around?

    Can anybody help me become a consulting partner of Mercury if anybody knows or is one?

    Thanks much

    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.
    AJ Alhait
    BetaSoft Inc.

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    Re: How can I evaluate WinRunner

    You probably have got some info by now. If it is not too late, this is what you may want to do,

    - Call sales and ask them(they are usually nice about answering questions)if they have 'Pilot Project' program. This is how it usually works - the vendor will go to your organization and work with your application using their tool. They will set it up and let you (usually) use their tool for certain period of time (I don't know exactly what the time frame is, I guess it varies from vendor to vendor)with free of charge and no obligation. This will give you an opportunity to see how well the tool is working in your environment.

    WinRunner is a pretty good tool for automating GUI client server applications. It's scripting language(TSL)is also pretty powerful and let you do a lot of things programmatically. They also have a good customer service, able and willing to help. My overall experience with the product has been a good one.

    Hope this helps.



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