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    Using the \"<kAlt_L-....>\" keypress

    Has anybody found an issue when using:
    That the 'Alt' key remains pressed? After this line of code keyboard entries are 'missed' because the 'Alt' key remains pressed. Is there a function to 'key up' after this 'key down' call?

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    Re: Using the \"<kAlt_L-....>\" keypress

    Found my own solution, by chance.
    I was opening a support ticket with HP and entering my code:
    The dash after the brackets left me wondering, "What's the purpose of the dash?" It is how WR recorded the script. I removed the dash and VOILA!! the Alt key was no longer depressed.

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    Re: Using the \"<kAlt_L-....>\" keypress

    The said code is recorded when u press and HOLD 'alt' key and perform some more action.
    Solution to a press-and-hold key is to replace '-' with '+'.


    # perform the action requires Alt key pressed

    obj_type("My_Object","&lt;kAlt_L-...&gt;+"); # This will release the Alt key.



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