I use Winrunner code that was originally written for Winrunner 7.5.
I now use Winrunner 9.2.

The testers that use Winrunner sometimes start Winrunner from QualityCenter, and sometimes not.
In the previous version, Winrunner ignored the browsers openened before Winrunner.
However, version 9.2 also seems to count the QC window where Winrunner started from.

The tests that are multibrowser.
At some points I have to perform actions at the browsers.

However, if started from QC, Winrunner now gets the wrong browser as it also counts QC as a browser. It then performs the action at the wrong browser.

example of code:

appWindow = "{ class: window, MSW_class: browser_main_window, NSTitle: \"Browser Main Window\", location: 1}";

It should meximize the second browser of my application.
However, if started from QC, winrunner now opens the first one. (it works ok if winrunner is started seperately).

How to solve this problem?