I've got a page of a web app which may either display a particular html table or not. Where the table exists I'm able to retrieve text from it ok. The problem I have is when the table doesn't exist WinRunner is still recognising it! WR is in fact finding another HTML table that does always exist lower down the screen (both tables are mapped in the GUI). I've tried:

1.referring to the table by name (i.e. web_obj_get_info("Guidance for declined covers","rows",brow_count)

2. referring to the table by class (i.e. web_obj_get_info("{class: object,MSW_class: html_table,location: 22}","rows",row_count)
(note in this case the two tables are identical except for the location proprerty which is either 20 or 22).

Using either of these methods the tables/text are picked up fine if both exist on screen.

3. I tried adding code like 'if (obj_exists("{class: object,MSW_class: html_table,location: 20}")==E_OK' - this always seems to return true as the IF statement is always executed.

Any ideas?