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    Import/Export/Move TC\'s from \"Unattached folder\"

    I have around 1000 TC's in "Unattached" folder in Test director. I can pick and drop one by one into my required folder.TD doesn't have option for multiple select like QA. Any idea I will move all TC's at a time. I tried grid view and select multiple TC's and tried to save to excel sheet. TD got hanged.
    Is there any way to export all TC's together into excel or export to QC or import by QC from TD from unattached folder.


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    Re: Import/Export/Move TC\'s from \"Unattached folder\"

    The easiest way to move multiple test cases is to do a direct update on the database. Find the ID of the folder where you want them moved, and then write a query that will perform the update. This, of course, will work better if you're moving all of them to one location or have some easy pattern to follow that will help determine the destination.
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