I have somewhat of a non-normal question here. I apologize if it has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything in the forums that seemed to match what I was looking for.

Does anyone know of any sites or books (or anything) that goes through the idea of what a "good" testing project in Quality Center would look like? I guess some backgound would be good here. I am one of 4 QC admin (with other duties of course) and we support several hundred users, with only about 50 of those being concurrent. We have several projects set up on the server, and we know that many of them (possibly all) are not making efficient use of the tools and capabilities QC offers. Parameters, templates, calling tests, etc. are all included in this. We do a training session with the users before they are given access to QC, and it includes these topics, but of course most users have a tough time remembering how to make a basic test and include it in a set...

What we would like to do is develop some documentation and possibly additional training to assist users in being more efficient QC users. Not so that we can have great QC projects, but so they can use QC to make their own lives easier as well as make the projects they work on more efficient and smooth.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the baseline of a good QC project would look like? We are assuming we might be able to get some information (I've written a tool in C# to hit the QC api and get the info I need) like average number of design steps per test in a project, number of template tests, average number of parameters per project, etc. I can get those numbers but have nothing to compare it to. Does anyone have any ideas?