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    Display Hidden Fields When Value Changes

    Hi folks,

    When I change the value in a bug form field (yes/no drop down box) I want to other fields to become visible. I have added this functionality easily enough but the bug form has to be opened or closed for the fields to become visible. Is there anyway to refresh the form or for the form to be closed and then reopened, automatically, once this value has been changed?

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    Re: Display Hidden Fields When Value Changes

    Did you do this via code customization for the form? You have the ability to write VB code to handle this. Do some digging on Customization and you will find it.

    Basically it is an "event" that needs to be handled with code and not at the form level.
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    Re: Display Hidden Fields When Value Changes

    I have added this code to the Defects_Bug_FieldChange event:

    if FieldName = "BG_USER_53" _
    AND Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_53").Value = "Y" THEN
    Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_54").IsVisible = true AND _
    Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_55").IsVisible = true
    end if

    But when the value of bg_user_53 changes to "Y" it doesn't refresh the form so for the user to be able to see the fields bg_user_54 and bg_user_55 they have to save and close the defect then reopen the defect. I am looking for a way to refresh the form or automatically close and reopen the form so the user can see these fields without having to manually open and close the form.

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    Re: Display Hidden Fields When Value Changes

    I found that you cannot display fields that way if they are not visible upfront, i.e. when the user opens the form.

    So, you should run that piece of code in both Defects_Bug_FieldChange and Defects_Bug_MoveTo (which makes sense for the later, as you want the fields to be visible when the proper conditions are met).

    Also, I'm not sure of the porpose of yuo AND expression on the third and fourth lines : the logicial expression (true and (x = true)) is equivalent to x.



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