Hi all,

I am a newbie here and in QA testing.
I was recently given the task of put together automated testing for our organization's legacy products.
Most of our code is written in Visual C++ 6.0, Borland 4 C builder, and VB 6.0.

Whoever was previously in our department purchased TD 7.01 and there is also a 7.2.

When I attempt to install 7.01 (previously I installed SQL Server 2000 and Win 2000 server to a new box w/o issues) I am logged in as Administrator on the 2000 server.
I am able to follow the instructions til I hit "install" it goes to 56% til it stops and tells me:

"Cannot create HTM file c:\inetpub\TDBIN\ Create Virtual Directory bin directory failed"

Any help/feedback or comment would be appreciated in advanced.

Thank you.
Pops [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]