Hello all,

This is my first post here so please be gentle.

I have been in test/QA many years and have consequently used TD for many years. At the moment I'm on TD 8. I certainly have had the training a few times and am an administrator.

Ok. That's the background. Here's the problem: I have, through the use of custom fields and a well defined workflow process, been able to introduce incredible risk based planning, integration and testing to my TD project. All requirements are risk assessed and corresponding information logged in TD. My issue is with reporting.

I want to be able to generate graphical reports that link the requirements and test plan and test lab modules together. For example, I wish to see the number of tests per requirement based on the contents of custom-fields. These are the sorts of graphs/reports that are important to management and IMHO serve as an example of the most important information test can produce. TD (or any tool) should not force us into conforming to the information IT thinks we should report. The document generator for this purpose is hopeless, the reports functionality also. The graph wizard to some extent is helpful for single-module graphs, but not for linking information between module. And we certainly are not going to go to the expense of buying the "advanced reporting module" or whatever that is.

We're quite good at extending TD through creating various utilities that communicate programmatically with the API. But using this approach to solving this problem through the API is likely to take considerable effort. Especially as we want the reports time-triggered.

Has anybody got experience with advanced reporting in TD 8.0 or has anyone already built a tool they may be able to share the source code of (.NET C# if you please) that may assist in this graphing.

I know I may be asking a lot. I've looking through a number of posts here now and have not found even close to a solution. I repeat: The document generator, reports functionality and to a large extent the graph wizard does not even come close to solving this issue. As a result, I am resolved (having some dev experience) to build my own tool at some point in the future.

So if any experienced used out there can possibly take pity [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] on me and lend some friendly advice to a frustrated tester [img]/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] I would so thankful. And no mercury/hp representatives please! Iíve played the pre-sales game once before.

Thankyou all so much in advance

Nick (Australia)