I am trying to use the Script Editor and I am not getting the results I expect. In fact I haven't got anything I have done yet to actually do anything within Test Director! I am using 8.0 by the way.

The end result I am looking for is to be able to specify the order for the Fields on the Test Plan area Details tab. You can do this for Defects. You can even use the script generator for this task on Defects.

So I did this, I used the script generator which worked and outputted the script. I then used the main parts of that script to do the same but within the Test Plan area. I put the main function call in the TestPlan_EnterModule sub. Nothing changed at all. So then I tried a simple change value of a field. Nothing at all. Then I tried the simple change of field value in the TestPlan_Test_New sub with the same result, nothing.

I then tried to do a simple change of value in the Defects_Bug_New sub and this didn't work either. So I am now a little confused. Do you have to run something to make the script actually work?