I've setup a synchronization between TD and CQ.
In one state (Fixed) there is two options for the next state, open and Verified.
It works fine to change the state from Fixed to Verified in TD so that the change will apply in CQ but if I choose to change state from Fixed to Open I get this message in the log.

10/17/2006 TranslateTransitionToCQAction Starting for source state 'Fixed', destination state 'Open'...

14:32:19 DBLink
10/17/2006 TranslateTransitionToCQAction Error: 18028,Failed to translate transition to ClearQuest action.. An error was detected retrieving information from the ClearQuest database. There is a reference to an object that does not exist: Object Type: State Object: "Opened" of record type "ChangeRequest" This error was detected at: ClearQuest Core:adentitydef.cpp:2889 Recommendation: If you cannot determine how to resolve this issue, contact Rational Support and provide all the above information as well as a description of the context in which the message occurred., Source: cqole

14:32:19 DBLink
10/17/2006 CopyTDtoCQ Change value from 'Fixed' to 'Open' (TestDirector state) using the action ''

14:32:19 FieldLink
10/17/2006 CopyTDtoCQ Error: 5555,No translating action found from source state 'Fixed' to destination state 'Open' in ClearQuest. The field 'state' will not be updated in ClearQuest.
14:32:19 FieldLink

as you can see in the last past it didnt work but I am sure that I have an action to change from Fixed to Open.

any ideas??