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    Set a field value

    I have used the list wizard and the the script editor to modify the displayed value list.

    To below, How do I get the system defined user list for the second case statement?

    Select Case Bug_Fields("BG_STATUS").Value
    Case "New"
    Bug_Fields("field").List = Lists("List")
    Case "Open"
    Bug_Fields("Field").List = <USER LIST>
    End Select

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    Re: Set a field value

    You need to define the field as a userlist type field in customize. It cannot be set on the fly. However, you can build your own list of users and assign that to the field.

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    Re: Set a field value

    Thanks for that EAS,

    The field I was modifing was the system "BG_RESPONSIBLE" based on the "user list".

    On occasions we want to not use the "user list" for these I have started creating the limited user defined lists of users, do you know how to return the field to the system defined "user list" of all users?



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