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    Can TD8.0 execute unix shell scripts?

    I just started working in a large data warehouse department and QA runs alot of sql statements stored inside of shell scripts.
    If i create a test case in TD...is there a way to get TD to login to the unix box, locate the scripts and execute them?
    I'm looking for an efficient way to organize and execute large amounts of sql statements.
    Thanks in advance.

    (Date Warehouse is 'Teradata')similar to Oracle.

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    Re: Can TD8.0 execute unix shell scripts?

    hello it is not possible to realise this technical point directly.
    You must use winrunner to do it.

    Testdirector will permit you to stock a winrunner Script and to schedule it on testlab.
    This winrunner script will lunch your ksh our you sql script directly in session on unix.

    Best regards

    Franck HALEGOI



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