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    TestDirector Java API

    Does anybody know if there is a Java API for TestDirector? If not, is there any other way to have a custom program communicate with TestDirector?

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    Re: TestDirector Java API

    The TestDirector API is implemented in the form of COM objects that, under the hood, use the HTTP protocol to communicate with the TD server.

    There are some tools, some free of charge and some commercial, that allow a Java program to communicate with COM objects, such as Jacob, JacoZoom, JCom, Bridge2Java, Java2Com. If you follow this route, your Java program will run on Windows only. The Mercury support site has some articles (KB #11728 for instance) that show how to interface the TD OTA API with JacoZoom.

    It also has an article (#9653) that shows how to connect and get a list of defects in Java by using directly the HTTP protocol. This one is rather old though (August 2001). To get a view of the HTTP protocol, you can turn on the WebClient log by using the WebGateCustomization program located in the TDBIN\Apps directory on the TD server.

    HTH. Christian

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    Re: TestDirector Java API

    Thank you! Just the information I needed to get started in the right direction...



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